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Residential Treatment Services

SCAN's Recovery Homes

SCAN’s Recovery Homes are live-in facilities for individuals who need safe and controlled environment to embrace recovery. SCAN’s Recovery Homes include four facilities, each of them designed to meet the unique gender and age-related needs of each individual. Residential treatment allows people to focus on increasing their motivation and commitment to make positive changes in several areas of their lives and to work on those issues that can lead them to develop their full potential.

Serenidad Men's Recovery Home

Serenidad Men's Recovery Home is a 24-bed facility for adult men 18 years and older offering intensive and supportive treatment services to individuals living in South Texas.

Serenidad Women's Recovery Home

Serenidad Women’s Recovery Home is a 12-bed facility for adult women 18 years and older that is located in South Laredo. The program also focuses on issues of trauma and other mental health needs.

Youth Recovery Homes

SCAN Youth Recovery Homes are two separate 16-bed facilities for male adolescents 13 to 17 years of age. One facility is located in Laredo (Webb County) and another one in Harlingen (Cameron County).

Quality Behavioral Health Services in South Texas

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